CREST’s Elevating Every Teen Driver’s Safety Together Program

CREST’s Elevating Every Teen Driver’s Safety Together program is guided by teachers along with The Virtual Driving Essentials (VDE) software program which consists of a brief Tutorial lesson followed by a Pre-Assessment test. This is then followed by 13 core lessons by topic, then a Post-Assessment test along with a Free Drive and Reaction Time drive.

CREST provides transportation to adults in the VISIONS Program and to program students for work sites, experiential learning, and field trips. Teachers and instructional assistants are licensed, trained drivers, and provide a level of consistency and knowledge of the students that a contracted transportation company cannot.

Cost Effectiveness

Through economies of scale, collaboratives are able to deliver specialized educational programming to students from the surrounding area, leveraging the resources of multiple districts. All CREST programs and services have been developed and structured to meet the needs of our students and districts in the most effective way possible, and we continue to search for innovative methods to serve our diverse population. The students in our schools come from 65 different districts in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. By bringing together students from multiple communities, particularly those with low-incidence and highly specialized needs. CREST can provide a high-quality, low-cost option for districts. Out-staffing partners allow multiple students to be served by highly qualified and trained staff, reducing the individual cost per student.

The cost of contracting out one local community learning experience for one group of students can be as much as $500 per day. By providing this service individually, the daily cost of transportation is incidental, as it is spread across the programs.


Nicole Tallarico, Transportation Coordinator,

Cyndie Femino,
P:  978-685-3000 ext. 1011