CREST Professional Learning Communities
To support internal capacity for curricular and instructional leadership amongst CREST staff this year, we designed a systemic approach based on a distributive model of program-based curriculum leaders. Defined leaders were chosen across the collaborative. These curriculum leaders facilitate teams of staff related to specific programs or content areas. Each of the new curriculum leaders participate in comprehensive trainings with Dr. Rodriguez to support their work across the school year.

Curriculum Leaders Include:
Bill Bryant, Evelyne Cascio, Renee Czyzewski, Jill Graham, Rachel Trainor, Rebecca Noon, Cynthia McLean, Tessa Mitchell, Amanda Sherbow, Susan Bernabei, RN, and Meghan McLaughlin. Curriculum coach, is also a participant in the trainings to support the work of the academic PLC.

A key component of the curriculum leaders work is the facilitation of content-specific PLCs (Professional Learning Communities). Contact Kim Oliveira for a summary of the PLCs that are running this year. These PLCs run for 90 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, prior to student arrival.