Merrimack Academy, a collaborative alternative school, provides a substantially separate educational environment for middle and high school-aged students. Students in this program have experienced significant behavioral or psychological challenges in typical public schools or in other out-of-district placements, as well as in their own homes. It offers individualized and personalized instruction in an effort to engage students who have stopped participating or are unable to participate in their education.The program offers a supportive, educational environment for students who struggle socially/emotionally in a typical educational setting.

Merrimack Academy structures its academic curriculum on the standards-based guidelines set by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the Common Core. The program also uses Glencoe McGraw Hill as a foundation for content instruction. Vocational instruction is imbedded into the daily schedule and outside work opportunities prepare students for future careers.

Staffing of the program includes (but is not limited to): Certified special education teachers, social workers, art therapists, instructional assistants,  school psychologists, assistive technology specialists, vocational teachers, and job coaches.

DESE – Merrimack Academy Program Approval

Contact Information~

Rachel Trainor, Assistant Program Director
P: 978.685.3000 x1221
School Hours:  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Founded: 1974
Students Served: Middle School and High School
Student Profile: Students with emotional, behavioral, or academic needs, or students with complex at-risk backgrounds
  • 20 Shattuck Road, Andover, MA 01810