District Services

In order to support the success of both Students and Staff, CREST recognizes the importance of our role in building district capacity to serve and service Students in their home communities.

District Services Included~

Extended Evaluation:

An Extended Evaluation is for students who have experienced significant difficulties
at school, despite intervention on attempts, and in cases where a district needs more
information to make a determination at a team meeting. This program provides the
student with academic instruction, behavior stabilization strategies, and therapeutic
support. It uses assessment and evaluation instruments to help the school district
determine appropriate placement and intervention techniques. This assessment
period is thoughtful and thorough and compiles information and feedback from the
school district, guardians, and outside supports to identify the student’s strengths and
areas of difficulty as related to school functioning. In some cases, a school visitation
period and/or home visit may be scheduled to provide more comprehensive data. A
complete written report outlines recommendations for the student’s success and is
presented at the final meeting.

Vocational and Transitional Assessments:

CREST Vocational and Transitional assessments are designed to answer questions
regarding post-secondary education, job employment, skills, leisure and other activities.
Our team will review each student and the intent of the evaluation and then tailor the
assessment measures to meet those needs. The McCarron-Dial Assessment battery is
one tool used to assess the vocational aptitudes and interests of students age 14 and
over. The vocational coordinator also will work with other necessary team members to
complete measures such as social skills assessments and interviews that will be used
to create personalized post-secondary recommendations for the student.
CREST off ers comprehensive evaluation and consultation services for initial, re-evaluation
and specialized testing and employs professionally licensed and high quality staff for
consultative needs. Evaluations can be delivered in stand-alone assessment areas or as
a complete diagnostic battery. Consultations are scheduled at the convenience of the
district. Evaluations are conducted for both CREST students and students who are enrolled
in their home districts in the following areas: Cognitive Ability, Academic Achievement
and Social/Emotional, Speech and Language/Communication, Occupational Therapy,
Physical Therapy, Assistive Technology, Augmentative and Alternative Communication,
Vision and Mobility, English Language Learners, Functional Behavioral Assessments.


Behavioral Services:

The Behavioral Services team provides consultation to all CREST programs as well as
to member and non-member districts as requested. Board certified behavior analysts
(BCBAs) provide functional behavioral assessments, academic based assessments (ABLLS-R,
VBMAPP) individualized behavioral programming, consultation to staff and parents,
and develop behavioral intervention plans. In addition, BCBAs oversee CREST staff of
applied behavior analysis (ABA) technicians in school and home environments, and
provide training in safety care, and registered behavioral technician (RBT) certification.
The assistive technology team provides evaluation, consultation, and direct service
to students that encompass both assistive technology as it relates to access to the
curriculum and augmentative alternative communication. The assistive technology
specialists at CREST provide comprehensive consultations that may include record
review, consultation with the student’s team, observation and/or direct interaction
with each student, equipment trials, customization of devices and vendor contact.
The assistive technology team is a valuable resource for collaborative programs and
district school teams providing support and training to staff with specialized technology
interventions at low, mid and high technology levels. The assistive technology team
also provides follow-up consultation with students and staff .

Visions Program:

The professionals at CREST offer training to teams of teachers, therapists, parents,
and students, focusing on increasing students’ access to curriculum and improving
communication for students, by supplementing or replacing spoken and/or written word.
Vision services are available to all programs within CREST and our partner districts.
Vision services include evaluation, consultation and direct service. Evaluations provided
by our vision specialists can include functitional vision assessment, learning media
assessment, expanded core curriculum, and orientation and mobility evaluation,
if appropriate. Teachers of the visually impaired provide services in areas of visual
efficiency skills, low vision aids, assistive technology, braille and compensatory
skills for the visually impaired. Orientation and mobility services include evaluation,
consultation, and direct services to maximize independence, safety, and mobility in
school and in the community.