Extended Evaluation Assessment

A Extended Evaluation Assessment is a short-term evaluation period for students that have experienced significant difficulties in their sending school. This program provides the student with academic instruction, behavior stabilization strategies, and therapeutic support, while administering assessment and evaluation instruments to help the sending school district determine appropriate placement and intervention. This assessment period is thoughtful and thorough and compiles information and feedback from the sending school districts, guardians, and outside supports to identify the student’s strengths and difficulty areas as related to his school functioning.  In some cases, a home visit may be scheduled to provide comprehensive data. A complete written report outlining recommendations for the student’s success, is presented at the final meeting.

Contact Information


All referrals should be sent to:

Kim Oliveira, Executive Director

1 Branch Street

Methuen, MA 01844

phone: 978-685-3000, x1125

fax: 978-689-7466

email: koliveira@crestcollaborative.org