Disability Simulation Workshop

Disability Simulation Workshop (2 hours)

Presenters: Katie Grubert and Rory Christensen MA CCC-SLP (AAC Specialist)

This is a hands-on workshop to put ourselves in the shoes of our students with disabilities.  During this task, professionals will be asked to participate in activities to learn what it is like from a different perspective.  Activities will include simulations for sensory overload and disabilities in the following areas: vision, hearing, communication, reading, writing, gross motor, math, and memory.  After professionals have completed these simulations, assistive technology tools will be provided to help them understand how to support our students.

NOTE: This workshop can be adjusted to help professionals understand the specific needs of students they are currently working with


Questions regarding the programs can be directed to Cyndie Femino at 978-685-3000 ext 1110 or by email.