Behavior Management Strategies & Techniques

 Training Overview:

This training provides participants with an introduction and overview of behavior and its principal components.  Participants will gain an understanding of behavior, its antecedents and consequences as well as how function of behavior is determined and why it is important to behavioral programming.  Participants will learn the steps to managing behavior and how to create and implement a plan for reduction of challenging behavior and increasing pro-social alternatives.

Highlights Include:

  • The ABC model: Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence
    • What behavior is and what it can look like
    • Antecedents: what they are, including triggers within the environment and signal behaviors exhibited by students
    • Consequences: What they are and what they can look like
  • The importance of determining function
    • Escape
    • Attention
    • Tangible
    • Sensory
  • The importance of observation, determining function and how to create and implement a plan

Throughout the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to engage in active responding, which affords them the ability to immediately apply and receive feedback on the materials being presented.  A packet of worksheets will be provided, as well as a packet of tools including token boards, points sheets, behavior contracts and sample scheduling.


Amy Jo Mongeau  or call 978-685-3000 Ext.1519