Academic Bowl Parent Advisory Committee

Many thanks to the Academic Bowl Parent Advisory Committee for their generous support of the program and for their assistance making the Award Night possible.

MEETING DATES:  January 24, 2017     5:00 – 6:00 pm       476 Broadway, Methuen

February 28, 2017    5:00 – 6:00 pm     476  Broadway, Methuen

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Committee is to:

  1. Generate publicity and recognition for the Academic Bowl team in the school and community.
  2. Inform the other Academic Bowl parents in the school so that they know when all the events are and have a basic understanding of the tournament. (emails, phone calls, etc.)
  3. Establish a link with the parents from your partner school.
  4. Take (or have other parents take) photos for the Academic Bowl Yearbook, parent newsletter, and school bulletin boards.
  5. Help produce AWARDS NIGHT on TBD, 2017 (attended by all students & their families).
  6. Help to reinforce the goals of the tournament at school, at home, and in the community.
  7. Produce fundraisers (selling or purchasing ads in the yearbook, helping advisors with raffle basket at Awards Night) to help offset some of the expenses of running the Academic Bowl.
  8. Help advisors with refreshments for home matches and/or visits from partner schools.
  9. Lend any other assistance as time allows toward the success of the Academic Bowl program.


Q. What is the Academic Bowl Parent Advisory Committee?
A. It is a temporary self-selected group of parents who come to the meetings as they are able, exchange contact information, and agree to work together and take on some responsibilities so that the Academic Bowl runs smoothly and students have a successful season, beyond the matches themselves. The scope includes, publicity, recognition, producing a yearbook, producing the AWARDS NIGHT, and informing other parents about the opportunities to attend matches and to be involved. Ms. Hollenbeck attends all the meetings. With the parent advisory committee there would be no Awards Night, no yearbook, and much less publicity among the parents and in the school and community.

Q. When are the parent meetings?

A. Once a month in January, February, March (email invitations will be sent)

Q. I can’t make it to all the meetings. What kind of help do you need? Can I still help out at times I am free?
Absolutely. Please see above and contact your school advisor, parent advisory committee contact (see below), or contact Ms. Hollenbeck at 978 685-3000 x1121. We especially need people taking pictures at the matches, and people getting ads for the yearbook.

Q. How can I find the address of another school in the Academic Bowl?
A. See Participating Schools

Q. How do I find my way around this Academic Bowl website?
A. Go up to the above Navigation Bar, put your cursor on Enrichment, pull down Academic Bowl, pick the page that interests you in the side drop down menu.

Q. Why does the schedule change?
A. Coordinating 16 school schedules and being at the mercy of the weather, the Academic Bowl schedule is likely to change several times — before the matches begin and also during the course of the tournament. The official and most up to date schedule of the matches and activities is the one on this website. Advisors, students and parents are urged to check the schedule at least once a week for updates and changes.

Q. What is the electronic devices policy?
A. Cell phones and all other electronic devices are not allowed to be brought to a match.

First offence: Confiscation of device and sit out rest of match. Possible loss of points for your team.

Second offence: Off the team permanently. Possible loss of points for your team. 9/29/11