Launch Nights and Submissions

A launch night is held for each publication.  Students have the opportunity to read their published work or explain their published art.  Launch nights are open to the public.

SPRING ISSUE launch dates:

Primary Launch Night   Comprehensive Grammar School – Methuen 

May 18, 2017  6:00 – 7:30 pm

Community Launch Nights:

Middleton Library (Flint)                                                     May 23                        6:00 pm

Andover Library (Memorial)                                                May 24                        6:00 pm

Methuen Library – MANN ORCHARDS                            May 25                        6:00 pm

Spofford Pond School – Boxford                                          June 1                         6:00 pm




WINTER ISSUE launch dates:

Primary Launch Night    West Middle School Andover     February 16, 2017     6:00-7:30 pm

Additional Community Launch Nights:

Methuen Library (Nevins)                                                    February 28                6:00 pm

Haverhill Public Library                                                       March 2                      6:00 pm

Andover Library (Memorial)                                                 March 8                      6:00 pm

Spofford Pond School – Boxford                                           March 15                    6:00 pm

Middleton Library (Flint)                                                     May 23                        6:00 pm



  • To  encourage and showcase outstanding writing and artwork in grades 6, 7 and 8.
  • To use writing and visual arts as a means of bringing people together for a greater appreciation and understanding of each other’s unique talents.


Each magazine is produced semiannually by the CREST Enrichment Partnership and high school student volunteers from AHS, GLTS, LHS, HHS, MASCO and MHS. Generally, AppleSauce is published in March and May. The editor is Ms. Kristen Hollenbeck, CREST Enrichment Director. AppleSauce was started in the 1999-2000 school year, AppleSeed in the 2003-2004. The magazines are a collaborative effort of CREST and the advisors of the participating schools. A staff of high school students helps to edit and produce the publications. Students interested in serving on this staff should contact us.


  • All public school students (grades 6, 7, 8)  in Andover, Middleton, Boxford and Methuen as well as participating schools in Lawrence (Guilmette, Parthum Educational Complex, Wetherbee).
  • St. Augustine School in Andover, Sacred Hearts School in Haverhill and St. Michael School in North Andover
  • Writing programs run by the participating libraries featuring works of students in these grades.

Note: Private schools and other public schools interested in participating in AppleSeed should contact CREST for more information (fee involved).

Advisor Role and Selection Process

These magazines would not be possible without the cooperation and dedication of the AppleSauce Advisor at the participating schools. Submissions are sent to CREST through the advisor (designated by the principal) who submits works on behalf of the building. The advisor promotes the opportunities for publication within the school and, with other teachers, selects 15-40 submissions (not more than two submissions from the same student) for each issue.

Historically, we seem to select for publication about 25 – 35% of all that is submitted. Many outstanding pieces cannot be published for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with their quality. They just might be too long, or too similar to another piece, or too difficult to reproduce electronically, etc. If we receive several similar pieces (for example, seasonal poems) from the same school, even if they’re all very competitive, we are likely to select only one or two for publication. Typically, about 60% of the published submissions are written pieces; the rest are art and music.

Final Edit, Notification, Launch Night, Returning Originals

In addition to sending us the school’s submissions, we ask the advisor to edit the magazine. We also ask the advisor to inform those who have been selected and give them an invitation (provided by us) to take home to their parents.  Invitations provide details of the “Launch Nights,” at which all the contributors gather to meet each other, read or speak about their works, and take home their copies of the freshly printed magazine. Also at Launch Night, we will return all the submissions to the advisor (or the advisor’s designee) and have a box of the magazines for the advisor’s school — enough magazines so that every teacher will be able to get a copy and extras for use in the library or classroom.


  • If possible, each teacher and staff person at the participating school will get a copy. Extras (exact number depends on funding) will be printed for  each school.
  • Each contributor will receive two copies, perhaps more, depending on funding.
  • Non-profit organizations interested in receiving free copies should contact us.
  • Businesses that would like to support us and receive free copies for their employees and customers should contact us.
  • Parent volunteers who can help us distribute the magazines to senior centers, hospitals, agencies, non-profits, etc. are invited to contact us.

Multiple Authors/Group Compositions

Multiple Authors and group compositions are allowed.


See your AppleSauce Advisor for deadlines for each issue.

Ms. Kristen Hollenbeck
Enrichment Director
Collaborative for Regional Educational Services and Training
1 Branch Street, Methuen, MA 01844
978-685-3000 x1121
Fax: 978 689-7466

Content Format

You may submit pieces in hard copy or electronic form. Works submitted electronically (as a .doc, .docx, or jpeg file) have a better chance of being published. Please do not submit works as a PDF.  Electronic submission is the easiest for us and insures that the piece is reproduced as the author intended. Be advised that we are probably going to change the font of the original and perhaps the layout as well.

Please make sure the piece has been edited to your satisfaction and double check that the student’s name is spelled accurately and is easy to read. Submissions forms should be filled out fully, and be signed by a parent if required by your school’s policy.

Written Work

You may submit poems, short stories, letters, journal entries, essays, reviews, and any other works of original writing. We would like to have a variety of styles, formats, and lengths. However, because space is at a premium, we cannot publish many works that exceed 250 words and prefer shorter works.

Works Based on Other Works (parodies, templates, etc.)

If the piece is in any way based on another piece, please indicate that (e.g., “after a poem by Robert Frost,” or “inspired by a painting by Vincent Van Gogh,” or “parody, based on a poem by Judith Viorst”). “Exemplar” pieces, formula pieces, template pieces, and pieces which derive their structure, content, or flow from another work must credit the original work. If it is written in a traditional style, such as as sonnet, haiku, lune, etc., please indicate that.

Artwork, Photography

You may submit original artwork of any type, including electronic photos (taken by students or adults) of three-dimensional works done by students. Digital photos are encouraged. Hard copies should not be larger than 11 x 17. We prefer 8 1/2 x 11 or smaller. Some pieces reproduce better than others. A good test for you to tell how something will reproduce is to xerox it. If it looks good after being xeroxed, it will probably look good in the magazine. We often reduce images from their original size, or use only a portion of the picture. Please submit originals, not copies, unless it is a digital photo. We will take care of the original and return it to you at the launch night. Artwork should be original and not copies of someone else’s original work. If the piece is based on another piece, please indicate that. Please do not submit “Anime” style artwork, even if original, and other artwork which is subject to copyright restrictions (Disney characters, etc.).

Musical compositions

We will accept original musical compositions. The piece may be for any ensemble of instruments and or voices. Make sure the piece is original.

Hybrid pieces

Illustrated poems can be submitted. As a rule, we will change the font of the original text to our own font.

Thematic material

Seasonal works may be submitted, but please realize that we are looking for a variety of subjects and will only publish a few pieces on one theme, such as seasons.


Unfortunately, it occasionally happens that we will receive pieces of writing or artwork that have been previously published or have appeared on the internet. Advisors are encouraged to screen works carefully before submitting them.


May a student, parent or a teacher submit a piece directly to AppleSauce or AppleSeed?
No, submissions must come through the school’s AppleSauce/AppleSeed Advisor.

What types of pieces are you looking for?
We are looking for quality, originality, and variety.

Is there a role for parents to play in this magazine?
Yes, we invite parents to help us develop a distribution network within Greater Lawrence and beyond, so that the students get the maximum audience and recognition.

Are contributors required to read at the launch Night?
No, it is optional. But most students do read their piece, or talk about their art or play their composition.

How many copies will each contributor receive?
Depending on our fundraising, we will give each contributor at least two free copies.

Where does the money come from to make all this happen?
We are very grateful to our recent supporters: the Clipper Ship Foundation, the White Fund, and the Cultural Councils of Lawrence, Andover, and Methuen. Foundation, PTO, parent and business donations are gratefully received and will allow us to give more copies to the schools, contributors and their families.

How can high school students become involved in producing AppleSauce and AppleSeed?
We are particularly looking for sophomores and juniors with good editing skills and a love of language. We meet one afternoon a week at the GLEC Office in Methuen. Please contact us for more information.


We plan to publish between 1,000 and 3,000 copies per issue, depending on funding. We will try to provide the school with enough copies for each teacher and staff person, and extras to be used in the library or classroom.

Each student whose work is selected to appear in the magazine will receive at least two free copies. Additional copies can be purchased at a nominal charge  . PTOs, businesses, organizations and individuals who can help offset the costs of producing this magazine are encouraged to send a contribution in any amount to CREST and will be recognized as “Friends of AppleSauce and AppleSeed” at the launch nights and in print by the CREST Enrichment Partnership.