Mission & Vision


CREST empowers all learners by maximizing strengths, removing barriers, forming relationships, seeking innovative solutions to create a lasting positive impact into their adult lives, and equipping them with tools to succeed in a safe and supportive learning environment and within the greater community.

Vision Statement

CREST is supported by caring people, including community members, families, district partners, and local businesses who collaborate to fully address learners’ academic, vocational, social/emotional, and therapeutic needs.

Curriculum supports state standards, is evidence-based, and accessible.  Universal Design for Learning guides instruction, assessment, and materials to optimize teaching and learning.

Faculty and staff are highly qualified, have broad skill sets, and are equipped to contribute to multiple program areas by collaboration and creativity across programs.

Resources, facilities, and programs are responsive to the ever-changing needs of learners, families, staff, facultyu, and districts.

Strategic Plan 2016-2019


Services Offered

  • Programs for multi-handicapped and medically-fragile students
  • Programs for behaviorally and emotionally challenged students
  • Vocational services for developmentally delayed and “at risk” students
  • Evaluations/Consultations
  • Vocational and Transitional Assessment
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Assistive technology/Augmentative Alternative Communication
  • Vision Services
  • Summer services and extended school year programs
  • Extended day/after school programs
  • Professional development services
  • Enrichment programs
  • Cooperative purchasing
  • Transportation
  • School-to-work programs
  • Innovative programs for low incidence and targeted populations
  • Adult (22+) Vocational Programs