EPIC: What technology is used within the classroom? The classroom uses a variety of technology formats from low tech (eye gaze boards, visual supports), mid–tech (voice output switches, switch adapters for tool activation), and high tech (iPADS, eye gaze systems, mobile projector boards).

LIFEWAYS: What is an example of a daily schedule? Students arrive on campus between 8:15 and 8:30 am. Activities of daily living are completed and breakfast is offered at this time. Students engage in individual, small group and whole group learning throughout the day. Lunch is provided mid-day for students. Related services (PT, OT, SLP) are delivered as outlined in each student’s individualized program. Additional services (music therapy, art therapy, and social skills) are scheduled weekly.

LIFEWORKS: Is there a summer program? There is a summer component to the CREST Lifeworks Program. Students attend the six week program during the months of July and August.

ESSEX ACADEMY UPPER SCHOOL: Do you have a social worker that is exclusive to the program and in-house? Yes, Essex Academy Upper School has a licensed social worker who works exclusively with students in this program. Consultative support is also provided by a Ph.D. level school psychologist.

ESSEX ACADEMY LOWER SCHOOL: Do students ever return back to the public schools from your program? Yes, every student has his or her own plan and goals. Last year, 40% of the students were successfully reintegrated into their home school districts.

MERRIMACK ACADEMY – METHUEN/TOPSFIELD: Do students participate in vocational internships? Yes, students have three sites in-house for internship opportunities. A wood shop for making custom furniture, an auto shop that provides everyday repairs to cars, trucks and some small engine machines and a landscaping/maintenance shop that maintains the grounds and building of the school. We also have several off-site vocational internships including culinary arts.