CREST recognizes that knowing how to access, interpret, assimilate and communicate through technology is essential to promoting the development of lifelong learning skills.

CREST is committed to provide a technology rich learning environment and motivating students to achieve their highest potential by enabling them to be valued members of the community.

Learners of all ages and abilities must have equitable access to information and technology resources to become problem solvers, team members, creators and consumers of new technology. Technology stimulates curiosity and creativity, enabling learners to embrace and understand new concepts and empowering them with the thrill of learning. For students with disabilities, technology opens worlds of possibilities.

CREST is dedicated to the implementing technology as an integral part of our programs. We will provide staff with up to date training, acquire current technologies, and use ongoing assessment to inform our decisions. We will ensure that all students have access to 21st century technology and curriculum.

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Laurie McSwiggin, Technology Consultant
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